Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
Closed for maintenance - No Use - Discovery Back Field Discovery Elementary Discovery Elementary
Closed for maintenance - No Use - Goodman Upper/Track Field Goodman Middle School Goodman Middle School
Closed for maintenance - No Use - Voyager Field Voyager Elementary Voyager Elementary
HRMS Main Gym Closed for Maintenance July 18-July 31 HRM - Main Gym Harbor Ridge Middle School
12:00 am
PHS-Auditorium Deep Clean PHS - Auditorium PHS Drama
12:30 am
7:30 am
8:00 am
PHS Football Full Team Workout PHS - Aux Gym
PHS - Mat Room
PHS - Weight Room (Aux)
PHS Roy Anderson Field
PHS Football
8:30 am
COM - GMS/MAIN GYM - PenMet Basketball Camp GMS - Gym PenMet Parks
GHHS - Grass Field/Weights - GH Football GHH - Grass Football Field
GHH - Weight Room
GHH Frosh Football
GHH JV Football
GHH Varsity Football
9:00 am
COM - PHS/GRASS FIELD - HSC CAMP PHS - Upper Grass Soccer Field Harbor Soccer Club
GHHS - Main Gym - Boys Basketball GHH - Main Gym GHH Boys Basketball
9:30 am  
10:00 am
GHHS - Weight Room - Boys Basketball GHH - Weight Room GHH Boys Basketball
10:30 am  
11:00 am
COM - PHS/RA - CAMP AGAPE SOCCER PHS Roy Anderson Field Camp Agape
PHS-Soccer for Camp AGAPE PHS Roy Anderson Field PHS Girls Soccer
PHS Boys Soccer
11:30 am
4:30 pm
5:00 pm
GHHS - Aux Gym - Volleyball Open Gym GHH - Auxiliary Gym GHH Volleyball
5:30 pm
COM - PHS/BASEBALL FIELD - Narrows Baseball PHS - Baseball Field Narrows Baseball Club
6:00 pm
11:30 pm